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Welcome to Angel One Investor Network

Angel One is one of the most active angel groups in Canada according to the National Angel Capital Organization.  We are a member-based not-for-profit made up of active angel investors.  Our members are enthusiastically engaged in screening companies, conducting due diligence and after the cheque is written, using their experience and contacts to help their investee companies grow.

Angel One exists to serve its members.  Our goals are to bring the most exciting companies available to our members and to help them obtain all necessary information to make an informed investing decision in a timely fashion.

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Latest Exits

surfEasy2SurfEasy is the simplest way to protect your online privacy, security and freedom. Trusted by millions of users around the world – SurfEasy lets you take back control of your online privacy. In March 2015, SurfEasy was sold to Opera and delivered an 87% annualized return on investment to the Angel One investors.
VANA-logo Vana Workforce, a Burlington-based Human Capital Management Software company, was successfully sold in November 2013.  They grew their business from 0 to over 200 customers in 23 months.  Sold their company to FinancialForce in November 2013 and delivered a 77% annualized return on investment to their Angel One investors.  The founders, David Vanheukelom and Patrick McGuire both hold senior positions in FinancialForce in their Human Capital Management division.

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