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Blake is a technologically savvy entrepreneur-turned-investor with 20+ years of professional business and management experience. Blake founded his first startup in 1992 building parking systems and sold to competitor T2 Systems in 1999 to consolidate market share and accelerate rate of company growth.

Blake joined T2 Systems in a leadership role, eventually running the development, quality assurance, product management, and information technology departments. He helped the company grow from 35 staff to more than 250 today. Blake moved to Indianapolis, T2’s headquarters, for 3 years to help facilitate this growth.

T2 was sold to a private equity group in late 2011. Afterwards Blake returned to Canada in 2012 (voluntarily) reduced his role at T2 to part-time to focus on research projects and system architecture, as well as evangelizing technology across the parking industry. He continues in this role today, averaging a few days per week for T2 Systems.

In 2012 Blake started his “next career” in Angel investing. His investment strategy is based on his playing to his strengths, namely investing in high-technology companies where he understands the business. Blake prefers to get involved with his portfolio companies, taking a Board seat, advisory role, or observer position. To date he has made 8 investments with one exit so far.

Blake was also Angel One’s 2015 Contributor of the Year.