Funding Process

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Once an application has been submitted by an entrepreneur it will be reviewed by the Angel One Business Analyst. Within  7 business days Angel One will reach out to all applicants to inform them if they have been accepted to move forward.

Companies that have been selected will then have a follow up conversation with the Business Analyst so that Angel One can get a deeper understanding of the company, the team behind it, and the opportunity for our members. After this conversation Angel One will decide if this opportunity aligns with the interests and investment needs of the membership.

If we think that a deal meets our criteria it will be sent out to a subsection of the Angel One membership, referred to as an “Affinity Group”. The Affinity Group will have experience relevant to the companies industry/sector and will be able to quickly validate the opportunity. The group will have 7 days to share their thoughts with Angel One. During these 7 days the founders of the company will also be asked to complete a background and credit check to ensure the quality of applicants remains high. A meeting will be scheduled for the end of the 7 day period where interested members can meet with the company.

If there are members interested in investing after the meeting than the group will move into formal due diligence. At this point a member will take the role of Lead Investor and will spearhead the due diligence efforts. The company  will be provided with a date where they can present to the full membership should due diligence go well.

After a company presents to the full Angel One membership there will be a follow on meeting where any interested members can ask questions to the company and Lead Investor. With there already being money committed from the Affinity Group and much of the due diligence completed the round should be able to quickly come to a close following the presentation.

At any point during this process the Lead Investor or other Angel One members can drop their support of the company depending on what they discover during due diligence. If this occurs the company will not present to the full membership.