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RIC Centre, City of Mississauga, and Angel One Investor Network present: First Look Angel Investor Meeting.

The City of Mississauga in partnership with Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre and Angel One Investor Network brings forth the “First Look Angel Investor Meeting” to foster the collaboration between the investor community and startup companies in order to promote long-term partnerships that will benefit businesses, their industry, and the surrounding community. 19 high-potential early […]

Angel Investor Expectations and Experiences

Each individual will have his or her own reasons for becoming an angel investor and these reasons help shape their expectations. Regardless why we choose to invest, each angel investor will have differing views as to what to expect when angel investing and what will constitute a “good” investment experience.   In a recent article on […]

Choosing the RIGHT Companies for Investment

There are a myriad of reasons Angel Investors choose to invest. Some are looking for the best return on investment and hoping for the highest margin, choosing companies based on their profit potentials. Other Angel Investors are interested in sharing their expertise and helping entrepreneurs and founders achieve their vision. These individuals are drawn to […]
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